August 27, 2019

White Bear Lake Sierra High Route 2018 Inyo National Forest, Sequoia Kings Canyon Yosemite Ansel Adams TRVRS Apparel

On September 1st, I will leave for my longest backpacking adventure yet. The Sierra High Route extends from Sequoia-Kings Canyon to Yosemite National Park, boasting roughly 200 miles and 59,000 feet of vertical gain. It is often confused with the High Sierra trail, however these are wildly different adventures.

The Sierra High Route crosses 33 high passes and an infinite number of alpine Lakes, creeks, and tarns. These numbers are somewhat trivial in comparison to the difficulties faced along the High Route as the majority of this trek is not labeled on any maps. Its junctions are not met by signs with mileage or direction, and its terrain is not marred by footprints, but instead large talus blocks and steep scree slopes. Some have estimated that the High Route sees maybe a dozen people a year and of these individuals, most set out with the intention of managing a segment as opposed to the entire route.

Sierra High Route Gear List + Nutrition

I wanted to share my Lighterpack Gear List and Nutrition Spreadsheet in hopes of getting some feedback before I depart for my journey. Worn gear has not been added. 


Sierra High Route Itinerary

I will share my location on the TRVRS Apparel Facebook page once per evening when I reach camp and maybe sporadically throughout the day if I feel like it. I will not be live tracking due to the battery usage, but I may start live tracking after I reach my resupply if I can.

Leg 1

The logistics of coming in from Fresno were just too much of a headache for transportation and I decided to come in though the Eastern Sierra which adds an additional day of travel over very straightforward terrain.

Sept. 1st - Onion Valley to Roads End (20.8 miles | 2959 ft)|
Sept. 2nd - Roads End to Marion Lake ( 21.8 miles | 9824 ft)
Sept. 3rd- Marion Lake to Wanda Lake (30.5 miles | 8867 ft)
Sept. 4th - Wanda Lake to Lower Mills Creek (29.3 miles | 7108 ft)
Sept. 5th - Lower Mills Creek Lake to Mammoth Pass - RESUPPLY ( 29.4 miles | 6628 ft)

Leg 2 

I'll resupply after reaching the Mammoth Pass vicinity (Horseshoe Meadow). My vehicle will be waiting for me here at the trail head just 5 miles round trip from the High Route.
Sept. 6th - Horseshoe Lake to Blue Lake - (26.7 miles | 9143 ft)
Sept. 7th - Blue Lake to Lake to Conness Lakes (31.37 miles | 7681 ft)
Sept. 8th - Conness Lakes to Mono Village (15.3 miles | 4428 ft)