Santa Monica Mountains Ocean View Photo By Andrew Tyler | TRVRS APPAREL

Photo by Andrew Tyler (@andrewisadrummer)

Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife or CLAW is a non profit organization made up of wildlife experts and advocates local to Southern California. Their mission is to promote, educate and protect the fundamental importance of wildlife, wildlife habitats and wildlife corridors everywhere. They do this by working with local communities, politicians, and businesses to ensure that urban development in Los Angeles and the particularly the Santa Monica Mountain Range does not become a threat to our natural wildlife environment. Check out their site for more information:  clawonline.org

In 2013, CLAW proposed efforts to ban the purchase and use of Rodenticide in the Los Angeles Wilderness which was responsible for countless domestic and wild animal deaths. These efforts were a huge success, as Los Angeles has since discontinued the use of rodent poison in all of its 439 parks and wilderness areas. 

“Wildlife is the barometer of the health of our environment,” said Alison Simard, Chair, Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife.

TRVRS Apparel has chosen to support wildlife preservation along with CLAW by donating $1 of every item purchased on our site to their efforts. Check out our Shop to join the cause!

Santa Monica Mountains City View by Andrew Tyler | TRVRS APPAREL

Photo by Andrew Tyler (@andrewisadrummer)